at honeydipped, we strive for total customer satisfaction, and your words give us the motivation to continue creating the finest self-care and cleaning products for you and your loved ones.

thank you

I received Honeydipped Bath Tea as a gift from my sister, and what started as a gift became a full-blown obsession! When I'm remotely close to running out of my Honeydipped products, I immediately reorder. Not only is the packaging gorgeous but these products make me feel relaxed and at my best. The ingredients are pure, and its as if my skin knows it. I'm definitely a customer for life!

Lauren F.

Honeydipped made me a believer. I was definitely that person who heard the words "all-natural" and assumed all-natural products weren't as strong or effective, but I decided to give the Tangerine + Colloidal Silver Disinfectant a try, and it was the best decision I made for my home (and office). I clean my stove, kids' toys, and countertops, and they're clean and disinfected with ease. You name it, I spray it. I feel a huge relief, especially during COVID, that I'm using a product that's safe for my kids, our home, and the environment.

Dallas S.

My weekly routine consists of choosing one day each week (usually Sunday) and using my Honeydipped Bentonite-Rose Clay Facial Mask while binge-watching a new TV series. My skin has never felt smoother and I have considerably less redness than I did in the past (which was always an issue for my super sensitive skin). Thanks, Honeydipped, for keeping my skin baby-smooth!

Judith C.

I received my first Honeydipped products in a gift basket at a women's luncheon, and my first thought was, "This basket is gorgeous!" The packaging was beautiful! So clean and chic. That night, I took my basket back to my hotel, used the bath soak and body creme, and immediately wondered what products I was using before Honeydipped because these are THE best. My skin has never felt better, and I'm at ease about using these products daily because they're organic AND all-natural.

Brittany M.

I have no words! I've already used the disinfectant on most of my kitchen, and I've used the balm on my daughter's skin, which I've been struggling to find a product that really absorbs, and let's just say her skin took to it so well! All last night, she was telling me that her skin feels soft. I tried my face mask, too, and WOW, my skin has never been so soft. I especially liked that it came off so easy and smooth, just like it went on. I didn't even know the mask could be used on hair until I read the product information. I will definitely try that later this week. Thanks again, Honeydipped!

Jasmine C.