The Honeydipped Essentials Ramie Pouf is an all-natural bath pouf made from plant material. This pouf couples well with any natural soap/shower gel to provide a deep clean and a gentle exfoliation.


Did you know? Nylon bath poufs are horrible for the environment. Nylon poufs are made from plastic material, and these fibers wash into shower drains and contaminate local water sources with plastics linked to cancer. Nylon poufs also are a breeding ground for bacteria, as your skin cells get caught in the folds of the netting.

Ramie Pouf

  • Wet the pouf, lather with soap, and buff gently in small circles to clean the body.

  • The Ramie Pouf is resistant to bacteria and mildew, and it's reusable! After one week, throw your pouf into the washing machine (on the gentle cycle) to remove dirt, dead skin, and potential bacteria build up. After one month, throw your Ramie Pouf away, worry-free, as it is also biodegradable.