Honeydipped's Skincare Bundle includes the best-selling Bentonite-Rose Clay Mask (8 fl oz.), Cranberry + Perilla Facial Serum (2 fl oz.), and Rose Quartz Facial Roller.


Honeydipped Essentials Bentonite-Rose Clay Facial Mask: The perfect way to deep cleanse and detoxify your pores. Both luxury clays work together to remove dirt, reduce inflammation and provide a youthful, clear complexion.


Honeydipped Essentials Rose Quartz Roller: This gorgeous roller can be used to improve blood circulation and skin tone, reduce inflammation, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce under eye circles, and eliminate puffiness and inflammation.

Honeydipped Essentials Skincare Bundle

  • Rose Quartz Roller:
    After applying Honeydipped's Cranberry + Perilla Facial Serum, work from the chin up, rolling back toward the hairline in long, even strokes. Use the smaller roller on the opposite ends to roll tight fitting areas like the nose and beneath the eyes.

    For dry/senstive skin:
    Use 1 part water to 2 parts clay. Mix well and apply a thin layer to the face. 

    For normal to oily skin:
    Use 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts clay. Mix well and apply a thin layer to the face.

    Bentonite-Rose Clay Mask:
    Let sit for 10 minutes or until completely dry. Rinse away the clay and pat dry. It is normal to notice redness of the face, but don't worry! Its a sign that the mask is working and the redness will reduce.

    Cranberry + Perilla Facial Oil:
    Apply no more than three drops - one to the forehead and one to each apple of the cheek. Buff into the skin with clean hands using small circular motions to cover the entire face. When paired with Honeydipped's Rose Quartz Roller, apply oil and gently roll from chin back towards the hairline, nose toward the hairline and finally forehead toward the hairline. Prolonged use of this serum can promote clearer, calmer, toned, and refreshed skin.