Honeydipped Essentials Natural Produce Wash uses the cleaning power of vinegar, citric acid, and food-grade lemon essential oil to deep clean and increase the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables. 

Honeydipped Essentials Natural Produce Wash

  • Rinse all produce with cold water and remove excess water. Then, combine one cup (8 oz) of water and one cup of the cleaning solution. Allow produce to soak for five to 15 minutes to remove up to 95% of dirt, viruses, bacteria, and residual pesti-cides.

    Tips: If the produce is to be consumed raw, rinse with cold water after soaking to remove any residue. For tender berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), limit soaking time to one minutes and serve immediately. For produce with rinds, lightly clean with Wash and a vegetable brush.

  • Natural Produce Wash (32 fl oz)

    Made lovingly with:
    Distilled Water (Acqua)
    Vinegar (Acetic acid)
    Citric Acid
    Ascorbic Acid
    Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limonum Oil)