Honeydipped Essentials Bath Tea is a great way to enjoy an herbal soak without the clean up. Each tea offers incredible therapeutic properties:


Milk + Honey: Treats minor skin irritations associated with sunburn, eczema, bug bites, and itchy/dry skin


Rose + Wildflower: Encourages better circulation in the skin's system of blood vessels, making skin look youthful and nourished


White Tea + Lavender: Relaxing and detoxifying with a boost of vitamin C, sure to make the skin "glow"


Honeydipped Essentials Bath Tea couples amazingly with Honeydipped Essentials Glycerin Soap, Body Creme, Body Oi Bar, and Roll-On Oil.  

Honeydipped Essentials Bath Tea

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Scent Options:
  • Milk + Honey Bath Tea (11 g.)
    Made lovingly with:
    Powdered Goat Milk
    Powdered Honey
    Natural Fragrance


    Rose + Wildflower Bath Soak (11 g.)
    Made lovingly with:
    Rose Buds
    Red Clover
    Rose Hips
    Pink Himilayan Salt
    Natural Fragrance


    White Tea + Lavendar Bath Tea (11 g.)
    Made lovingly with:
    Corn Flower
    Lavender Flower
    Epsom Salt
    Bai Mu Dan White Tea
    Arrowroot Powder
    Vitamin C
    Natural Fragrance