Three Ways to Manage Obstacles

Pregnancy is a different experience for each woman. Some feel energized while others struggle to enjoy a day without nausea. Some experience a pain-free ten months whereas others feel non-stop aches and soreness.

Every situation is truly different, including my three pregnancies.

Even those are mutually exclusive because carrying and birthing each child was very different, and my current pregnancy is unique to the others, too.

Truth be told, this pregnancy has been a physical challenge. Each day, I have no idea what I’m up against. Last week, for example, I woke up with superhuman strength and energy, and I worked nearly all day as the boys were at school. A few days later, however, I was confined to my bed because of brutal morning sickness.

As a result of these random ups and downs, I’ve tried to be mindful in understanding how I can get through the difficult moments when my energy isn’t up to par, and these three ways certainly help.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help: For a while, I wanted to take on everything by myself. From caring for the kids to cooking to cleaning to work-related tasks, I tried to balance and execute everything... until I pushed my pride to the side and embraced my tribe who always tried to be hands-on in my life. My husband, especially, carries the entire load when I experience difficult days in my pregnancy. Being his teammate is great, but there are days he is the whole team because I need to rest and recuperate. So, embrace your tribe. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a hand. Loved ones love helping! Accept their invitation and kick back for a moment.

  2. Some yourself grace: This relates closely to my first tip. When you show yourself grace and shy away from doing everything for everyone at every given moment, you can then come full circle in understanding that you deserve grace for the days you can’t physically or emotionally do as much as you’d like or intended. Think of what you would say to a loved one if she were in your shoes. More than likely, you would encourage your friend to take it easy, right? Well, practice what you preach and extend yourself grace. You are human. You are precious. You are deserving.

  3. Think positive: The power of positive thinking is mighty! I have trained myself to start my day off on a positive foot, regardless of circumstances. This is a challenge, especially when it hurts to eat let alone walk, yet I remain grateful for the day and every opportunity to breathe life. You can choose to see the good, or you can choose to acknowledge the bad. Seeing the good results in far more peace and comfort. Choose happiness and watch your stress less drastically decrease.   

Women are strong, courageous, noble beings, and although we are capable of the world’s most lofty balancing acts, that does not mean we have to exhaust ourselves every day, especially while pregnant! The above-mentioned ways of coping with difficult days get me through, and when all else fails, I embrace the moment, good or bad, as I know “this too shall pass.”

With care,