Three Ways to Ease Migraine Pain

I woke to uncurl from my tightly wrapped cocoon of blankets as I felt a surge of unbearable heat course through my body. I turned to finally break free from the covers and instantly began to sweat. Alarmed, because the temperature in the room is always freezing, I quickly reached for my phone for a little light. As the screen came to life, I felt a sudden crash of pain behind my eyes from its brightness. Peering through small slits, I saw that the time was 5 am. I immediately shut my eyes for a moment longer as I began to feel my head punch and pound with pain. I was getting a migraine. 

"God, please, no," I pleaded as I began thinking about all the things I had to do in just two short hours. Getting the kids up, dressed, and fed for school were unreachable tasks if I could barely move my head or open my eyes. After moments of reeling in sharp pain and trying to find a comfortable enough position to lay, I started to file through my brain for ideas on how to soothe migraines quickly. 

It was no simple task to relieve my migraine and it took quite a bit of time to dissipate. But luckily, I was able to alleviate some of the pain with these three quick and easy remedies! If you suffer from frequent and unbearable migraines and can't seem to find relief, this post is for you.

Essential oil diffusion:

Using essential oils really helped alleviate the heavy feeling in my head. Because of the anti-inflammatory and numbing properties of peppermint essential oil, the pain quickly began to diminish. The lavender oil will promote relaxation and rest.

You'll need:

Peppermint Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oil Diffuser

Fill the diffuser's reservoir with water. 

Add 3 drops of peppermint oil

Add 3 drops of lavender oil


Find a comfortable position and breath deeply

**You can also apply peppermint oil topically to the temples! Be sure to dilute with a carrier oil. For more details on this, feel free to comment or email!**

CBD oil:

CBD oil is an active compound from the cannabis plant. It is believed that CBD is effective in boosting the immune system, killing cancer cells, and limiting the inflammatory response in the body. CBD is free of THC-the compound responsible for the "high"- and therefore can be legally purchased in states with medical marijuana laws. Just ask your doctor! If you can access this oil, I strongly recommend trying it to help treat migraines.

You'll need:

1 vial of 10% CBD oil diluted with a carrier oil (usually Olive oil)

Administer 1-2 drops of CBD underneath the tongue for quick absorption. Use morning and evening as a preventative.

Within 20 minutes, I felt relief from my headache and was able to perform my normal tasks!

**Refrigerate after opening. The terpenes in cannabis need to be preserved in order to be effective!**


Massage is an age-old technique used to relieve many bodily ailments. Applying pressure to certain points on the body can help relieve tension and can eliminate migraines. Check out this video from Rachel Richards Massage. She gives great tips on self- massage and the benefits associated!

If you find yourself suffering from frequent migraines, please consult your doctor. Migraines can be a sign of health-related issues. Remember, its best to be proactive. If any of you have remedies for migraines, please feel free to share. 

With care,