New Product Line Announcement

The growth and evolution of Honeydipped Essentials have been simply incredible, and I'm truly humbled to have the opportunity to continue expanding, improving, and welcoming new customers to this special site.

Our mission remains clear: provide all-natural, organic skin care products, completely removing the guess work from deciphering the ingredients on a label. Honeydipped takes pride in using high-quality ingredients, ingredients you can trust and that your skin will certainly benefit from.

Recently, you may have noticed a significant change on the Honeydipped website. Well, the home page now includes a lovely announcement about Honeydipped's upcoming new product lines!

Without unveiling too much, because I'm certainly one who enjoys surprises, I wanted to take the time to share the "why" behind Honeydipped's new products.

As I've had the pleasure of learning about my wide range of customers and their respective skin care needs, I've discovered a multitude of skin-related challenges, especially regarding reactions to warmer climates and hotter months. Honeydipped's new products target several issues people suffer from in relation to those factors. These products nourish and protect the skin from overexposure to environmental irritants like sunlight and bug bites, and I love that HD will soon satisfy those concerns for its amazing customers!

Existing, best-selling formulas such as the Milk + Honey and White Tea + Lavender have also been improved, ensuring the very best for these customer favorites. Also, packaging will be more convenient for the customers to use and store while increasing shelf-life.

All around, Honeydipped is looking forward to elevating its product line by expanding its selection, maximizing product shelf-life through highly effective packaging, and delivering on customer requests and needs.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued patronage. I look forward to sharing these new products with you. The wait will soon be over!

With care,