Our Biggest Announcement Yet!

When we said, “New Year, New Me,” we weren’t kidding! Honeydipped Essentials has a major announcement, and we’ll give you a huge clue: we are unveiling a new product line!

For quite some time, Honeydipped has been working on something very special (and very necessary for your home and body). Today, we are excited to unveil this new product line.

Introducing: HoneyDipped Essentials Home Cleaning Products, starting with two products, Honeydipped Essentials Sage + Citrus Multipurpose Cleaner and Honeydipped Essentials Sage + Citrus Wax Melts.

Keep your most sacred spaces clean and safe with our incredible multipurpose cleaner. This product is suitable for granite, glass, sealed wood surfaces, tile, and other indoor and outdoor surfaces. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and scents. Instead, welcome all-natural, inviting fragrances into your home (without having to sacrifice the cleanliness of your special space). The uplifting hints of rosemary, sage, and lemon will leave your home refreshed, disinfected, and sparkling clean!

Our Sage + Citrus Multipurpose Cleaner is made with distilled vinegar infused with organic herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Simply spray and clean to disinfect various surfaces around your home, office, and other desired areas.

When you’re not burning your delightful Honeydipped Essentials Candles, enjoy the fresh scent of Honeydipped’s Sage + Citrus Scented Wax Melts. Breathe in its freshness and enjoy it’s soothing aromatherapy properties. Each order comes with two max melts, and these little wonders are made lovingly with 100% organic beeswax, essential oils, and vegan phthalate-free fragrance.

When the wax melts, a pleasant scent disperses, and everyone in the home will be happy. Not only does it smell delightful but our wax melts contain no toxic ingredients. Please think twice before burning incense or toxic candles. Honeydipped has several solutions to leave your home smelling better than ever before!

Home is where the heart is (and the lungs, skin, and other vital organs), so we want to do our part to ensure you don’t put yourself in an environment filled with chemicals and toxins. Honeydipped believes in choosing natural products for one’s skin, and choosing natural cleaning products is an easy decision for us, too. Now, we have our own product line, a product line we feel safe and proud to share with you, too.

In the past, we admit, we have opted for the cleaning products we’re used to seeing on the shelves, perhaps because of convenience, price, and performance, but the time has come to change these toxic habits (literally). Gone are the days when we turn to commercially-encouraged products filled with chemicals that are actually illegal in other countries.

Opt for all-natural cleaning products now rather than paying for your health later. Health is wealth, and we are humbled to now offer the very best cleaning products for your home, body, and health.