Happiness and Healing in Antigua

I’m officially past my first trimester and certainly feeling new, revitalized energy of trimester number two. With that said, I’m thankful to feel significantly healthier which has led to this blog update! In the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to sharing different pieces of our lives and memories we’ve created lately, too.

Last week, my husband and I went on vacation. Yes, vacation! It’s not every day we’re able to sneak in a trip without the boys, and although we love traveling with our little guys, we definitely enjoy one on one time as well. This getaway was much needed, especially after a tumultuous first trimester, so I soaked up every second of quiet time on the beautiful island of Antigua. Antigua is known for its sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs, and R & R was just was the doctor ordered, literally.


My Happy Place

During our vacation, we spent a lot of time on the beach, one of my favorite happy places. Choosing a vacation spot with a beach was intentional, actually. Not only do I love the beach, but my late grandmother used to constantly preach of the value and healing properties of the sea. You know what they say – grandmothers (and moms) are never wrong, and my grandmother’s advice about the powers of salt water was spot on. Each day, while on vacation, I spent the majority of time in the water or by the water. I also enjoyed a nightly bath. Soaking in peace and quiet was incredibly relaxing and, of course, I brought my Honeydipped Bath Salt with me. Twenty minutes in the bath plus my Milk and Honey Bath Salts made for one happy mama.

Back to the ocean!

Some may not realize this, but the ocean is medicine, not only for the soul but the body and mental health.

Four ways the Ocean Brings Elements of Healing to our Lives

The ocean is healing: Ocean water is higher in minerals that are useful for skin conditions and wounds. Sodium, chloride, and calcium soothe the skin, and mineral salts such as iodine are an antiseptic.

The ocean helps with allergies: Ocean water has a saline effect on sinuses. Saltwater flushes out the nasal cavities and reduces inflammation.

The ocean is relaxing: Swimming decreases symptoms of anxiety and is largely beneficial for mental health.

The ocean is therapeutic: Water helps the body repair itself. As your blood circulates at an increased rate, ocean water reduces swelling and contributes to muscle recovery.

Being close to the ocean not only allowed my husband and me to create new, wonderful memories, but my body felt at its very best, and I felt close to my grandmother, too.

With care,