meet Ashli Goudelock, owner + creator of Honeydipped Essentials


Like many successful businesswomen, Ashli Goudelock practically tripped and fell over her winning idea.


A lightbulb-moment presented to Ashli in the form of a personal need, the wife of pro basketball player, Andrew Goudelock, and mother of their four kids did what any enterprising millennial would do: she got right down to work, manifesting her vision, not just for herself and her family but everyone else's.


Goudelock’s super-mom, super-wife, super-loving health hack is an impressively effective, unapologetically protective, ailment-fighting collection of all-natural skincare products (and a soon-to-be-released all-natural home-cleaning line) called “Honeydipped Essentials.” 


A concept with results as sweet as its name, the 27-year-old says Honeydipped was birthed as an act of self-love.


“To be honest, I initially had no interest in natural products,” the 27-year-old Spartanburg, South Carolina, native admits of her line of delicious smelling but ethically produced candles, bath soaks, soaps and more. (Goudelock plans on expanding her growing wellness empire in 2021, releasing Honeydipped Home, all-natural multipurpose cleaners, disinfectants, scented wax cubes, and other house-friendly products.) “It wasn’t until I moved abroad with my husband, five years ago, that the idea began to take shape. I was 22 years old, had just graduated from college, gotten married, and had my first child. My family had moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where my husband played professional basketball. The move was a huge culture shock, and I was going through a tough transition.”

Overwhelmed with being a new mom, living in a foreign country, and not having the support she had back in the States – on top of not speaking the language and a husband constantly on the road – Goudelock found herself struggling with anxiety. To cope, she traveled only to the places she knew around town, one of which was a shopping mall that featured a small local grocery store peddling essential oils and a variety of produce, yet she was dissatisfied.


“There I had access to plenty of cleaning and bath products, but they weren’t the items I was used to back home,” she explains. “Plus, the language barrier made it difficult to understand what was in them. There were no Black hair care products for myself or my son, so I had to get creative,” she continues. “Through self-teaching, hours upon hours of research, and connecting with other holistic creators, I learned how to effectively make several all-natural products. I made nourishing hair masks, conditioners, natural rinses, and shampoos out of olive oil, distilled water, and chamomile tea bags, to name a few ingredients. I also made facial masks and washes and began treating my husband’s minor basketball-related injuries with natural remedies, too.”


Happy with the results of her first products –  including a homemade toner and wash combination she created that cleared up her acne and turmeric wraps that did away with her husband’s migraines – Goudelock then moved on to create household products she couldn't find in Istanbul, including mild countertop cleansers and an-all natural “WD40”-type product she developed in Israel, made from coconut oil and other natural ingredients, to fix the squeaky wheel on her child’s stroller. Quickly, the young mother’s products became the only ones her family used. 


“The experience opened my eyes to the benefits of clean, pure, and effective products,” she recalls, emphasizing the health benefits, particularly for children. “The human body absorbs 60% of what you put on it within 30 seconds of application. For children, that percentage is even higher. With dangerous chemicals like asbestos, formaldehyde, synthetics, and other preservatives present in tons of American household products, we are slowly poisoning our bloodstreams. Our children are at a greater risk as they have immature body systems that cannot effectively fight the constant barrage of dangerous chemicals, creating problems like cancer and other developing issues. It is paramount that we change our way of taking care of our bodies and turn toward natural solutions, not only for our health but for the health of generations after us.”


Goudelock, a member of the NBA Wives Association, has taken up children and their mothers’ health as a personal crusade. 


Between the birth of another child and moves to China and Israel, Goudelock’s vision for a full-fledged product line began to take shape, starting with a blog she developed to instruct other moms on healthy ways to care for themselves and their children. 


“As I grew more confident in the quality of the products I was making, I wanted to share them with as many parents as possible,” she explains. “I launched my blog, also called Honeydipped, where I posted about my remedies and tinctures – all-natural solutions to headaches or what I used to help patch my husband and his teammates after they got injured in practice or games – and it just started to take off,” she continues. “People started to come to me with questions about ways they could use natural products in their everyday routines. Some of my most devout followers were moms struggling with some of the same issues I had been – anxiety and a loss of identity, now being seen primarily as care providers – and were looking for ways to ease stress, naturally. Eventually, my subscribers began asking me to make, package, and sell my remedies to them for use. With that, I realized I had the opportunity to monetize my hobby. I recruited a branding manager and created an online store with a small selection of products for purchase called Honeydipped Essentials, all made by hand. Since then, I have worked hard to grow my business in all areas, constantly studying my craft and learning new and improved ways to support the health of my clients and their families. 


Goudelock says she has a serious advantage in her quest to do this: quality goods.


“The ingredients for my products, whether it’s the bath soaks or the natural body brushes, are sourced internationally,” she shares. “They are carefully curated with unique products and, over the years, even some rare ones such as 14K gold flakes to infuse oils, or organic vanilla beans, which are hard to come by. Since I have been blessed to live outside of the U.S., I have connections with wholesalers from all over the world who provide Honeydipped with some of the purest, most authentic versions of ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt and Manuka honey, often from the very place it originated,” says Goudelock. “I source my Dead Sea salt from Eilat, Israel, a town located right on the Dead Sea. I source my olive oil from Sicily, Italy. Some of my accessories -- made of natural beechwood – are sourced from a company in Sweden where the beechwood tree is commonly found. Also, because the intention is to create products that are as pure and authentic as possible for our skin, I ensure they meet requirements that are only listed on the European standards for organicism, making Honeydipped some of the highest quality natural products on the market.


When the College of Charleston graduate is stateside with her family between her husband’s season with Italian basketball team, Umana Reyer Venezia, the couple – who met in college ten years ago – spread the gospel of healthy living from the home they share with five-year-old named DJ, three-year-old Arian, and identical infant twins girls, Airi and Alani, in Alpharetta, Georgia. Goudelock plans on capitalizing on the success of Honeydipped’s top-selling products to date – organic roll-on oils, vegan, phthalate-free fragranced candles, and premium organic bath salts – by adding new products to the Honeydipped Essentials collection this holiday season, like natural botanical bath bombs and natural glycerin soaps.


“There’s nothing more important than family and taking the best possible care of yourself and your children,” says Goudelock on why she’s committed to Honeydipped, despite her family’s globetrotting schedule. “I do this for the moms and dads. I do it for the kids. I do this for anyone who cares about their body and health. We all deserve trusted products that are pure, effective, and safe, and I’m humbled to deliver those to others.”


More on Honeydipped Essentials’ founder Ashli Goudelock, along with Honeydipped’s full line of products, are available at Honeydipped Essentials products are also available at the S&S Beauty Supply Store in Tallahassee, Florida.