our story

"My passion for self-care, paired with my desire to regularly restore my mind and body, led to the birth of Honeydipped Essentials. Honeydipped Essentials is a self-care product line designed to enhance your mood, reduce stress, and restore your mind and body through rich, natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize. All Honeydipped products are sourced with top-tier organic ingredients and inspired by Ashli's love of handmade, luxurious goods. Each batch incorporates a few of her favorite product inspirations sparked by years of travel. With these products, are aimed to bring rest, solace, and relaxation while encouraging awareness of the positive benefits of self-care of the mind, body, and soul."

- ashli goudelock, founder and creator

the birth of honeydipped

Honeydipped was birthed from Ashli's longing for personal growth and development. As a peaceful outlet, Ashli combined life experiences, her zest for creativity, and passion for natural products within a space where she felt comfortable being herself. Over the past few years of living abroad, Ashli has been introduced to some of the purest products, produce, and foods while enjoying awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable cultural experiences. As a non-local, finding all of the products she was accustomed to was a challenge, often forcing her to improvise. Anything she couldn't find, she made. Her enthusiasm for creating safe and natural products, remedies, and recipes continues to grow, and this special gift is one she is grateful to progressively share with others looking to curate a natural, healthy lifestyle for themselves, their loved ones, and our environment.

what we believe

Honeydipped's vision is simple: create all-natural, organic products that completely remove the guesswork in making the safest choices for ourselves and our loved ones. We need a brand that offers 100% trust and goodness, no longer having to go on the frustrating quest to attain high-quality, all-natural skincare products. Honeydipped is rooted in empowerment, sharing values that promote consciousness, transparency, and honesty. Your skin is your body's largest order, and we believe that what you put on your skin truly matters. As a result, Honeydipped champions its mission through its all-natural products to empower each person within the Essentials community.

private distribution

For a private distribution price sheet, please email Ashli@honey-dipped.com.

From cosmetics to makeup to skincare and haircare, Honeydipped products are the ideal fit to elevate your company's product selection.

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Cassie Brown of Candid Health is a Holistic Nutritionist helping busy people maintain a healthy lifestyle by focusing on realistic eating.

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